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Five GO-OLD rings

Four cunning birds

Three duck’s legs

Two pheasant cocks

And a partridge-less wonky pear tree!

>Tools in our garden

Let’s face it; this is the line we all love to belch out, right?

And yes, of course it’s only one ring; I think it would look ridiculous with five wedding rings, really – or at best it would imply some sort of illegal polygamy practice.

It’s a simple band of white gold with the Flâneur Husband’s actual name engraved on the inside along with our wedding date – September 4th 2010 – and I only take it off when painting. Sometimes it gets a bit muddy, but hey; that washes off easily and for the dirtiest jobs I tend to wear gloves anyway.

(When we originally had the engraving done, the jeweller had mixed up the names so my name was in my ring and the Flâneur Husband’s was in his ring; I guess they aren’t used to same-sex wedding rings in that shop… However, they fixed it very quickly, so there was no harm done.)

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