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This morning I saw one of these in the wood pile on the covered terrace:

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

Isn’t it cute?

I was a bit nervous about it being a house mouse, because that’s not really what you want in your garden – or house! – but extensive comparisons of online pictures reveals it to be a bank vole, which is much less worrying.

Sure, they might go for bulbs and so on, but you can’t eliminate nature so you might as well enjoy it, and either way this is a protected species in Denmark, so we just have to accept that from time to time we might loose a tulip bulb or two.

(It does mean, though, that we really need to go around the house and ensure the foundation’s ventilation holes are covered with small grills, so they stay in the garden rather than under the house. They might not be interested in coming inside the house, but we obviously don’t want them under the house, either.)

This little fellow brings us up to three protected species of small mammals in our garden – that I’m aware of – with the shrew and the bats, and there’s something oddly pleasant about this. I’m glad to share the garden with most animals (except slugs), but I’m thrilled when I spot a protected species that seems to find that our garden is a good place to live. It must mean I’m doing something right, even though (or exactly because?) the compost pile needs tidying-up and the lawn needs mowing…

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