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Some people claim that tulips are garish, vulgar flowers (I know; they are philistines the lot of them!), but that HAS to be out of ignorance. Not only are there lots of delicately shaped lily tulips, and of course the botanical tulips with their spear-like petals, but there are also tulips like this:

Potted tulips, with flâneur index finger for scale

I DARE anybody to call these tiny flowers garish or vulgar… They were in one of the pots in the courtyard when we bought this place, and since they would just disappear in the garden proper I’ve left them there, but I absolutely adore them.

Normally I’m a size-queen when it comes to flowers; the bigger the better! But sometimes a small, delicate flower just steals my heart like this tulip has done. I’ve seen snowdrops larger than this flower! (Heck, I’ve seen snowflakes larger than this flower!)

They’re right now in a pot with some strange, perennial weed-like plant (that has lovely yellow flowers in summer), so I’m considering moving the tulips to a pot of their own once the bloom is spent; they are so easily overlooked, yet I think they deserve special notice, both because they are pretty in themselves and because the prove just how different a tulip can be from a tulip, so to say.

You can get large, double, multi-coloured tulips if you want to, but if that’s not your style then don’t forget that tulips are so much more than that. If you look around, there’s bound to be a tulip you’ll love…

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