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Last night I got back after four days in Paris with the Flâneur Husband, so here’s an image dump with a little text:

Yes, I figured I’d start with the most garden-related pictures from our visit to Jardin Des Plantes, the botanical gardens where I used to go a lot when I lived in Paris ages and ages ago. It was actually the Flâneur Husband who suggested we could go see a garden, and this was definitely my first idea. And I’d never been into the greenhouses, so it was great to see them from the inside.

And of course we also saw lots and lots of the city in general, strolling around from one pavement café to the next – and enjoying that the weather, although changing, was mainly clement and only once gave us a real drenching. Most of the pictures I took on my solitary morning walks, since I wake up rather early and had a couple of hours to myself each morning before the husband awoke.

View from Pont Neuf towards Pont des Arts

Notre Dame de Paris

It means that some of the pictures were taken in a rather murky morning half-light, but it also means there were very few people around.

Place des Vosges

Tree decked out with books on Carrefour de l’Odéon – opposite Café Les Èditeurs


I do love going back to Paris; it really is an amazingly beautiful city, and one that I think I will always to some extent think of as “Home”, since it was the place I moved to when I had finished high school and moved out of my parents’ house.

Place de la Bastille

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