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Seen from my garden, the Middle East must be somewhere behind the forsythia, beyond the compost heap, even. And I rarely venture beyond the forsythia, let alone beyond the compost heap, so it seem an awfully long way away.

Here it’s peaceful and it’s quiet; people live their quiet lives.
I have sowed some curly parsley and a little bit of chives,
Let the World attack each other and defy their scorn with spite;
I will get on with my neighbour and myself and be all right.

Her er fredeligt og stille, her er ingen larm og støj.
Jeg har sået kruspersille, og et brev med pure løg.
Lad alverden slå for panden og bekæmpe spe med spot,
jeg vil enes med hinanden og mig selv og ha det godt.

(Excerpt from Noget om Helte / Something about heroes by Halfdan Rasmussen, freely translated by yours truly – and yes, I AM aware that my translation has skipped the A-A-B-B rhymes before each caesura, but I can live with that if you can.)

Some times events in the world are such that it is hard to influence them from where you stand, so instead I shall plant daffodils and tulips and at least make the world a little prettier by doing so. After all, planting a daffodil won’t hurt anybody, unlike hurling missiles at each other.

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