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Well, that was annoying…

Please look at this picture:


An orderly, raised bed of rhododendrons in the middle-ground and behind it – let’s be honest – a bit of a mess with a disorderly compost heap with far too many branches to ever decompose properly, a few bits of derelict fencing and generally an eye sore.

And the worst part? This picture was taken from our neighbour’s garden, and the mess in the background is ours! Damn those pesky neighbours that decide to turn THEIR messy corner into something orderly, effectively forcing us to move “sort out messy corner” up on the list of priorities…

Of course “sort out messy corner” does not mean that we will get rid of our compost heap, but it would be nice to get it a bit more organised so it doesn’t look like such a mess and also so it becomes more effective. The current heap is basically what we got with the house when we bought it two years ago, so there will be some lovely composted material at the bottom of it, but intermingled with branches, weeds and so on, effectively making it useless for the time being.

(We have an old water butt that I’ve been using for composting for the past year and a half, so we do have a functioning composting system as well, but still…)

And the piles of branches? Well, for hedgehogs, toads and loads of other wild animals, piles of branches is a great habitat, so we need to keep that, but on a smaller scale and in a more orderly fashion so it also becomes easier to use this as a source of kindling for the wood burner.

The old fencing will have to go, though; there’s no justification for this, just like there is no justification for the stacks of concrete paving stones that are at the back of the compost heap.

Anyway, our neighbours are lovely and don’t seem to mind our mess, but of course WE mind it, and this orderly rhododendron bed just on the other side of the line between our gardens just means that we have to get this fixed for our own sake. (And a bit for the neighbours’ sake as well.)

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