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Inflatable Canoe

Just moments ago my husband ordered this contraption to be delivered in the store near the summer house and garden. Sure, it’s rather ugly, probably won’t be the fastest craft on the fjord and definitely won’t be as graceful when cleaving the waves as the kayak he bought me for a wedding present.

But… It’s a two-seater, so it means we can go on outings on the fjord together, and that does sound very romantic. After all, we didn’t just buy the summer house for the garden, but also for the surroundings – fjords, forests, meadows…

(Above you see the kayak I got as a wedding present from him; a pure-breed racing kayak, designe to cut through the waves, rather than bounce merrily on top of them.)

Rikke Darling: Follow the Scent of Roses

Yesterday he also bought the above painting for our apartment where we have a huge white wall, just begging for a large painting or similar. I love the paleness of the background combined with the popping colours of the flowers and the very loose “choreography” of the different elements.

Yup, my Flâneur Husband knows how to make me happy!

(Another thing that makes me happy is that I’ve taken Friday off work so I can have a three-day weekend in the garden… Who knows; maybe I’ll get the lawn mowed this weekend?)

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