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Three duck’s legs

Two pheasant cocks

And a partridge-less wonky pear tree!

Confit of duck

Well, technically speaking I guess he didn’t. I’ve been the one to take a new shine to confit of duck this autumn, and I’ve made quite a few more than three legs, I’ll admit. But it is such a delicious dish; the duck boiled in fat until it is so tender that the meat literally falls apart when you stick your fork into it, and then roasted to a golden crispiness before serving. Classic French food in the best sense!

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-And I just can’t hide it!

A very good friend of mine is getting married in 15 days and tomorrow is her hen night. And it will be hosted in The Flâneur Apartment!

I’m going to cook my ass off to make sure she has a lovely meal and a perfect evening. I got up this morning and started rubbing salt, thyme and bay leaves into raw duck thighs, for Christ’s sake… I’m going all in, as much or perhaps even more than last Christmas.

There will be afternoon snacks (bruschetti with a variety of toppings), a starter of home-made ravioli, a mains of home-made confit of duck with trimmings, a salad course, a cheese course and a dessert of various home-made chocolate truffles.

Claire of Promenade Plantings recently advertised for guest bloggers during her vacation, so you will be able to see most of the recipes and their results on her blog on October 6th, the day my friend is getting married. Why on HER blog, you ask? Well, her blog has a mix of gardening and foodie stuff, so it somehow seems to fit in with her style better than with mine. (I will, though, remind you to visit her blog when the date arrives…)

Also, I thought it would be fun to write something to be read by people who don’t normally see my entries. After all, if you like writing you most likely enjoy reaching a variety of readers, so having the chance to present my words to her readers really seems like a privilege.

Anyway, her blog is worth a visit with or without my guest entry, so go no. Did I mention it was promenadeplantings.com?

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