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I guess it’s no surprise that the Roman snails that I moved to the garden are still lurking around, doing their bit to rid my garden of slug eggs. However, elegant creatures as they are, they really tend to call very little attention to themselves.

But… I also moved some 15-20 baby frogs to the garden – or so I thought! Upon further reflection it seems more likely to have been baby toads, and last night I got the proof:

Young toad

A tiny toad sitting by one of the ventilation holes in the foundations of the house. Isn’t it just adorable?

Young toad escaping - or not

It didn’t seem to enjoy the flash, though, so I left it to find some better place to spend the night. The little fellow was perhaps just over an inch long, which is still around 5 times as big as when I collected him and his siblings some months back while they were crossing a busy road, and he gives me hope that there might be others of his ilk that have also chosen to hang around the garden after I moved them here.

There is a very real risk that I might be as excited about the animals living in the garden as about the plants growing here; it’s just such a thrill to feel that we are the custodians of a plot of land where these protected species will actually want to live. They are proof that I’m certainly doing something right here.

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