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>Kama Sutra or Gardening?

>I have been thinking about how to make the hoops to support the plastic covers for our planned raised beds. We have loads of thin bamboo canes from a stretch of bamboo that flowered 3 years ago (as did most of the bamboos in Denmark, leaving loads of garden-owners with huge piles of dead bamboo…), so I figured they might be used if split and watered until supple enough to form the required curve.

However, googling “splitting bamboo” seemed to mainly produce links to a position from the Kama Sutra, and fascinating as the art of love-making might be, this wasn’t exactly helpful to me. I did, eventually, find a couple of useful links, and it seems it really is as straight-forward as one would think.

This has now been added to my list of small garden projects for the remainder of the winter. (The ACTUAL splitting of bamboo; not the Kama Sutra metaphorical one.)

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