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New beginnings


I have said goodbye to the lovely Flâneur Garden. I moved back from Houston in May to get divorced, and from July 1st I now have a tiny-but-pretty little apartment in Copenhagen.

The Summer House belongs to the Flâneur (Ex)Husband, so I said my goodbyes last week and left the keys to the house behind. (And yes, I did get a guy to come mow the lawn so I left the garden in a somewhat more arranged state than the wilderness it had grown into while I was away. A lovely wilderness, but at times impractical.)

Sad gardener

We’ve had our ups and downs, the little house and me, but we got through it all, somehow. I loved being up there; it was a safe space for me during some turbulent times with my husband moving first to Scotland, then back to Copenhagen, then to Houston and then came the flood, a kitchen rebuild in the Copenhagen apartment and of course my own move to Houston.

It wore me out, as you might see from the sudden drop in activity on this blog. But the Summer House and the Flâneur Garden never stopped being a treat for me.

Now, when the only soil I own is the dried mud stuck to my Wellington’s, it’s perhaps time to re-think a lot of things. First things first, though; if I can’t be a Flâneur Gardener, then at least I could fly to Berlin last weekend and stroll around museums, galleries and parks.


I have no idea what will happen with this blog. Less gardening, of course, but I’m loath to give up on the blog completely because it was an outlet for many years. And I do like writing… So maybe I’ll change the URL and find a new hobby to write about, maybe I’ll get a small allotment, maybe I’ll… Well, time will tell.

If anybody still reads this, thank you for following that 5-year journey that is now ended – for me. The garden still stands, and it will still be loved and cared for. It’s just my custodianship that is now at an end.


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