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On gardening as therapy

My mum called me on Sunday while I was up in the garden. My dad was supposed to go into surgical examination on Thursday to see why he was still having a sore throat and trouble swallowing after they’d blasted the cancer with radiation therapy. That was postponed due to his regiment of blood-thinning drugs, so he went in today.

Anyway, on Sunday I spoke to my Mum for nearly two hours. A long time, given that I hate being on the phone. The first hour was all about my Dad, and the second hour was almost entirely about… Roses!


(I know that’s an asters, not a rose, but it’s a plant I got from my Mum’s garden, so it is appropriate in this entry!)

My Mum is trying so hard to cope with my Dad’s illness and arranging the move and everything, and it seems her relief from all the “serious” stuff is to think about the garden. When Life is all about the next six months, at times it’s good to think about the next six years, as one does when planning a garden.


(Okay, this is not a rose, either, but it’s also from my Mum’s garden)

We garden for the future, and planning a garden is all about imagining what Life will be like years ahead. My Mum wants a garden for two, and I hope that’s what she gets.

(Both the images above were taken in our garden, but the plants come from my Mum’s garden.)

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imageMy phone camera is more than capable of taking a decent shot of a cute little squirrel foraging by the side of a path in the cemetery opposite my apartment.

However, it struggles when the cute little squirrel is scared into a tree by a passing bicycle:image

Anyway, these pictures were taken this morning when the sun hadn’t risen sufficiently to reach more than the tree tops of the cemetery.


Now, though, the temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius (77F) and the sun is shining from a clear blue sky. And…The Danish Meteorological Institute defines a “summer day” as a day when the temperature passes 25 degrees, so apparently we have summer in October.

-That, I believe, is sufficient reason to go downstairs to the café on the ground floor and have a spot of lunch by a table on the pavement, no?

Tomorrow I will go up to the garden and see how it fares, and I’ve taken Monday off work so I will have time not only to look, but also to do some actual gardening! The bulbs will go into the ground, there might be some moving about of perennials and there will definitely be some weeding and tidying up.

But now it’s time for lunch.

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