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>On Idleness


“Lediggang som sådan er ingenlunde roden til alt ondt – tværtimod – det er en sand guddommelig tilstand, når man ikke keder sig.”

“Idleness as such is in no way the root of all evil – on the contrary – it is a truly divine state of being, as long as you are not bored.”

(Quote by Søren Kierkegaard, and translation by the other Søren that you guys primarily know as the Flâneur Gardener.)

I can’t help thinking how fortunate that I stumbled upon this quote after a lovely weekend that was largely taken up with idleness. Sure, there was the odd constructive activity, but that will be for another entry. For now, I will dwell on what I do when I’m not doing anything.

I mainly sit inside now that it’s winter, but with the armchair pulled up to the large sitting room window so I can look outside. There is always a book next to me, or perhaps even in my lap, but a lot of the time I don’t open it – or if I do I don’t read it. I just sit, let time pass and follow my meandering thoughts wherever they take me.

Some times the thoughts or ideas that come into my head will prompt an action, like when I started building a kite Saturday night and then went out into the starry night and watched it soar above the garden.

Other times the thoughts are merely a means of processing Life; going over situations at work again and again to decipher what makes certain people behave in certain ways or thinking about how I can be the best possible husband to my husband. I’m a fairly bright cookie, but I’m not the fastest race car on the track; it takes time for me to process Life, and I can easily spend an entire evening in meditative idleness.

I love this time. I need it. It makes me a better person. And it is NEVER boring!

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Seed packets
Woolly socks
Peony tubers (white Shirley Temple and red Karl Rosenfield)
MORE seed packets
20 litres of potting soil (to ensure the pots in the courtyard get going asap)
1 dwarf rhododendron (Scarlet Wonder)
MORE books
Plant labels
Tigridia bulbs
Prints of the garden plans
Matches (for the fireplace)

What more does one need? What more can one carry on public transport (metro, train, bus)?

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>March Musings


Crocus in Kongens Have 2008

The first month of the spring season has arrived and though we still have night frosts forecast until mid-March at least, it does seem that milder weather has finally arrived.

We’ve agreed to have a builder come and do the drain for the garden, and he will get started as soon as possible, which probably means around April 1st when we can reasonably expect the night frost to be completely gone. Of course we do risk a wet spring which could delay the plans, and the Danish April weather is notoriously unreliable. An old Danish saying goes April cannot be trusted; each day she wears a new dress

I look forward to a weekend in the garden; the meteorologists are promising me sunshine and mild temperatures so I can hopefully get some of the things done that I have kept on postponing, like painting garden furniture and maybe planting up some pots.

I also need to begin drawing up more detailed planting schemes for the planned borders and the raised vegetable beds; I think we have enough to create a lush and blooming garden already, and I do have an overall plan for the garden, but the details need to be filled in so we can get cracking with the sowing and planting as soon as the drain digging is done.

I also need to work out where to make temporary homes for the plants that need to be removed before the drain digging starts; there are a few smallish shrubs and a fair number of perennials that need to be taken out of harm’s way, even though many of them will eventually end up in roughly the same places. Perhaps I can clear some ground for that this weekend, but at least I can have a walk around the garden and find out where it would be easy to create a temporary holding pen.

And finally a few numbers: In Denmark today will be 3 hours and 46 minutes longer than the shortest day of the winter. (The shortest day was 6 hours and 57 minutes.) Even if we still have frost at night, the sheer fact that the night is so much shorter makes it quite clear that winter is on its last breath.

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