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>Back to business!

>The garden has been a low priority for the past few weeks as the wedding plans turned into an actual wedding that was perfect bliss.

My husband is flying home this afternoon, and then I think I will go up to the summer house and have a look at the garden and maybe even get started on Autumn Tasks (TM).

 The roses need pruning – and I will be bringing back cuttings to my flat to see if I can get them to root over winter for planting out in spring. I’m afraid we only have modern roses, so I have no idea if the cuttings will be able to produce healthy and hardy roots, but it’s worth a shot.

The honeysuckle needs an even more serious pruning (more like hacking down, really), and I will also see if I can get some of those cuttings to root.

The apples are ripe now, and as the tiny tree has produced more apples than I’m likely to eat, I should really bring some back to town and see if I can do some preserves with them. It’s more an eating variety than a cooking variety, I suspect (though I don’t know the actual variety), but still it’s better to try making something that will keep for a few months than just throwing the fruits away.

I don’t know if the hazel nuts are ready to be picked yet, or how many the squirrels will have left, so I want to check up on that. I suspect there won’t be a great quantity left, but there might be enough to make a jar or 5 of sweet-pickled nuts to use in salads over the winter.

Of course I also need to have a last gander around the garden to collect any ripe seeds for sowing next year; I’ve collected from most of the flowers, but there should still be some sweet-pea pods that haven’t been picked yet, and the pods of the yellow iris by the stream might have ripened now.

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